Korean Natural Farming Solutions

Chris Trump will teach you how to use and apply Korean Natural Farming inputs into solutions that will transform your soil and crops. Let’s dig in!

Where to Start

Korean Natural Farming is an elegant method to tend to the life of your soil. Increase health and production whether you are a backyard gardener or commercial farmer through KNF.

Master Cho is the founder of KNF and has been training others in Natural Farming techniques. Master Cho is passing down his knowledge and the baton onto the next generation, and he has been personally training Chris Trump.

Chris Trump will give you a taste of what Korean Natural Farming is all about in the video below. Check it out!


Seed Soaking Solution/ Maintenance Solution

Supercharge your seeds and bare root trees in a soaking solution that will boost baby plants to their max potential. For adult plants, maintenance solution is your safe weekly application that promotes disease resistance and provides minor nutrients. 


Soil Treatment Solution

Want amazingly nutrient-rich soil? Use SOS to prepare your land for a bountiful harvest in spring or late fall. If you have unfarmed land, start with SOS.


Jadam Microbial Solution

This liquid microbial solution by Jadam (Master Cho’s son) is a simplistic soil drench that can be easily be made in third-world countries and is simple to make. 

Nutritive Cycle Solutions:

Type II

Vegetative Growth Solution

This is the place for plants to get fed. When your plant is weak or in the development stage before it begins to fruit use Type II


Changeover Solution

Just as in a human, plants have specific needs as they prepare for fruit production. Use changeover one week before plants transition into ‘reproductive’ growth.

Type III

Reproductive Growth Solution

To help plants manage nutrients and build structure, we feed them Type III.  Use this when plants are over-grown and need to work on crop production.

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