REOTEMP Backyard Compost Thermometer – 20″ Stem, with Composting Instructions (0-200 Fahrenheit)

  • Accurate & Durable: REOTEMP has been Manufacturing Accurate and Durable Compost Equipment for 20+ Years!
  • Thick 1/4″ Diameter Stem for Higher Durability
  • Hermetically Sealed: Won’t Fog Up. Can be Left in the Compost Pile Over Night
  • Composting Instructions: Included to Get You Started
  • Read at a Glance Dial: Fahrenheit with 3 Temperature Zones that Indicate Compost Activity – Steady, Active and Hot



The REOTEMP A36PF-D43 Heavy Duty Compost Thermometer is well suited to larger compost piles where a more rugged probe is needed. With its 5/16″ diameter stem, its durable all stainless steel design is perfect for an industrial composting facility. The dial on is 0 to 200°F & -10 to 90°C. The A36PF-D43 features a large 3″ hermetically sealed dial that won’t fog up. The A36PF-D43 comes with a 1 Year Limited Warranty and is made in the USA. This model is compatible with the REOTEMP FM-0 Probe Guard for added protection of the dial.


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