Bounty Essentials Full Sheet Paper Towels, 24 Large Rolls

      • Bounty Essentials Stacks Up to Everyday Messes!

        Another day, another cleanup. When life gets messy, pick-up Bounty Essentials, the two-ply, affordable option from the Quicker Picker Upper brand you trust. Whether you’re dealing with an oops or an uh-oh, Essentials is the perfect paper towel for life’s dribbles, smudges, and everyday messes.



  • Pack contains 12 Large rolls of white Bounty Essentials paper towels
  • Each Large Roll contains 25% more sheets than a Regular Roll
  • Affordably priced 2-ply paper towel!
  • Holds up to more Uh-Ohs
  • Also available in fun prints!


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