Current Specialties Mauritius Natural Sugar, Fine Demerara, 55 Pound

Current Specialties offers flavorful ingredient solutions for Industrial, Food Service, Hospitality and Retail. Our Products are natural, flavorful, functional and an everyday pantry essential. Our Brands include but not limited to: Mauritius Good Cane Sugars, Marisol Hand Harvested Salts, Quinta’s Portuguese Wet Spices, 100% Trinitario Cacao and Chocolate, as well as Moner Dutch Processed Cocoa Powders. We provide responsive sourcing services for other ingredients which include Coconut Products, Grains, Oils and Nutritional Herbs.  with our vast supplier network and food knowledge, we can support product development and implementation of client projects all with congenial, responsive, collaborative service. Please feel free to contact us.



  • About the product
    • Imported – Island of Mauritius
    • All Natural
    • Turbinado Produced
    • An Everyday Baking Raw Sugar
    • Vegan/NON GMO


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