VIVOSUN Air Pump 950 GPH 32W 60L/min 6 Outlet Commercial Air Pump for Aquarium and Hydroponic Systems (32 W)

950 GPH Air Pump 32W 6 Outlet

Professional air pump for Aquarium and Hydroponic Systems

  • Made by integral moulding of thickened aluminum alloy for heat control.
  • Adjustable distributor¬†make separately control for air stone.
  • Rubber base make the silencing section mere effective.
  • Electromagnetic motor produces strong air pressure.
  • Growers who use our Dual Diaphragm air pump can count on it to reliably oxygenate their reservoir with air stones.
  • Maximum Air Pressure
  • Maximum Volume
  • Less Energy
  • Lower Noise
  • Heavy Duty

OPERATION Directions

  • Connect the main outlet nozzle (barbed fitting) directly to the pump and then to the manifold using the supplied tubing.
  • The main outlet nozzle may be connected directly to the target system (hydroponics, aquarium, etc.), or you can use the manifold to divide the airflow among many systems. In either case, you must purchase the tubing to connect to that system separately.
  • Included in the package:1 x Air Pump; 1 x Air Divider Manifold; 1 x Outlet Nozzle;1 x Pump-Manifold Connector Tube(ID:6mm); 1 x User Manual.



  • PREMIUM MATERIALS & GREAT HEAT CONTROL: This pump dissipates heat more effectively with aluminum-alloy heat-radiating plates, and delivers excellent, long-lasting performance with an high-quality aluminum manifold and 100% copper outlet nozzle
  • Maximum Air Pressure and Air Volume: VIVOSUN’s powerful 32W electromagnetic motor produces exceptional air pressure (over 0.02 mpa) and sends a huge volume of air to the 6 adjustable valve outlets (compatible with 1/4″ air lines)
  • Set it and Forget it: Innovative material engineering on the steel engine cylinder and piston makes this pump perfectly energy-efficient and highly resistant to wear-and-tear so you can leave it going 24/7; recommended for outdoor use
  • Quiet solution for hydroponics and fish tanks: This model’s oil-free motor lubrication, low noise generation (under 60 decibels) and 1.5 m power cord make it the ideal pump for oxygenating an aquarium or plant roots in a hydroponics systems
  • TOP PERFORMANCE: Pumping 60 liters of air per minute (16 gallons per minute) and rated for up to 3 years of service, we guarantee this pump is the reliable solution you’re looking for; If you’re not completely satisfied, just contact our attentive service team for a solution or a refund


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