KombuJars ½ Half Gallon Glass Jars 64 oz Airtight Lined Seal Plastic Lid Cap, Wide Mouth Jar, Brewing Fermenting Kombucha, Storage Bottles Kefir Canning, Clear, Multi-use Mason (6)

KombuJars 6 Pack ½ Half Gallon Glass Container Jars

Our Set of Jars includes 6 Half Gallon Size High Quality Glass Jars, including 6 foam lined, airtight seal lids. *Great Kombucha / Scoby Hotel Jars!* These jars work great for many uses including fermenting kombucha, storing scoby, pickling, storing and preserving foods, arts and crafts, and many more! Luckily, these are wide mouth jars so you can easily reach inside and makes cleaning easy as ever.

These High Quality Gallon Glass jars are made here in the USA and are of course free from harmful chemicals like BPA. A MUST HAVE in every Kitchen!



  • INCLUDES SIX (6) HIGH QUALITY ½ Half Gallon glass wide-mouth jars! These jars have many uses including fermenting and Kombucha brewing, canning, pickling, or storing dry foods.
  • These jars are wide mouth, which makes using them and cleaning them easy, and includes 6 threaded screw-on lids. These lids are sealed with a foam liner, for airtight storage.
  • Glass Jars are ideal for Kombucha Brewing and storing scoby because they don’t contain harmful chemicals like BPA, and it not affected by the acidity of the brew while fermenting.
  • Our Glass Container Jars are made in the USA!


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