The true mission of Korean Natural Farming is loving people

KNF frees people from the broken food system world-wide

There is a food crisis world-wide. Hunger is still a prevailing problem and the answer most first-world nations offer frankly isn’t cutting it.

Let me tell you why, when first-world countries give agricultural aid to third-world countries they provide pesticides, fertilizers, and herbicides for typically three years. After that point, the third-world countries are left on their own to farm the land with the opportunity to purchase the chemicals from them.

This sounds generous, but most third-world countries can barely afford to continue putting all these chemicals on their land and these chemicals strip the land of all of its nutrients. So these third-world countries are left in a worse place than before they received aid.

Korean Natural Farming eliminates the need for all of the chemicals that strip the land and provides affordable agricultural solutions to increase crop and livestock growth. This is why Chris is so passionate to spread Korean Natural Farming globally.

Chris Trump has traveled to Cambodia and Myanmar teaching indigenous people to create no-smell piggeries, chicken coops, LAB, JMS, FPJ, and a variety of other Korean Natural Farming methods.

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Teaming people up with Nature’s Design

Korean Natural Farming broadens our perspective of how nature is self-sustaining and if we pay attention to it, we can partner with nature’s incredible design. The practice of Korean Natural Farming teaches us to use the power of observation to heighten our awareness of the intricacies of plant and livestock growth.  Chris Trump is inviting you to join him on the adventure of growing a deeper understanding and connection with nature and the one who painted it.




The fundamental idea that I captured from Chris was not just the natural and scientific nuts and bolts of KNF, but the manner and perspective in which he approaches creation. When I heard him say, "we farm with love," I knew that he had a heart of compassion and hands that understood God's earth."

-Micah Smith author and founder of Global Gateway Network

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