Korean Natural Farming Inputs

Chris Trump will teach you how to use and apply Korean Natural Farming inputs to transform your soil and crops. Let’s get started!

Where to Start

Korean Natural Farming is an elegant method to tend to the life of your soil. Increase health and production whether you are a backyard gardener or commercial farmer through KNF.

Master Cho is the founder of KNF and has been training others in Natural Farming techniques. Master Cho is passing down his knowledge and the baton onto the next generation, and he has been personally training Chris Trump.

Chris Trump will give you a taste of what Korean Natural Farming is all about in the video below. Check it out!


Lactic Acid Bateria

The germicide you need that promotes the growth of fruit trees and leafy greens, boosts gut health and is a part of the no-smell livestock system.


Oriental Herbal Nutrient

Create an immune system boosting tincture to help your plants and animals combat disease.


Indigenous Microorganisms

The most important input in all of KNF. Get the most fertile land possible with indigenous microorganisms.


Fermented Plant Juice

This enzyme rich creation gives your animals and plants the much-needed energy burst to thrive


Water Soluble Calcium

The calcium dose your plants and livestock need to prevent cracking, prolong storage life of crops and increases the ability for plants and animals to absorb vital nutrients.


Fermented Fruit Juice

Promote ripening in your crops with fermented ripe fruit that can also be used for livestock.


Fish Amino Acid

Want the best fish nitrogen possible? Fish Amino Acid is one of the best plant fertilizer possible and naturally repels insects.


Water Soluble Calcium Phosphate

The highly plant available phosphorous dose needed to help your plants transition from vegetative growth to fruit production. WCAP can also help regulate plant metabolism.

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I learned a new appreciation for microbes and their importance on our farms and in our bodies. I learned practical, cheap, effective gardening techniques that I could go home and start implementing immediately.

– Caylen P.  a student in Chris Trump’s class, a veggie gardener and an industrial hemp farmer for CBD production

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