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Chris is passionate about making a difference globally with Korean Natural Farming. KNF can make positive impacts on world hunger, food quality, and new farming jobs.  Korean Natural Farming provides the tools, solutions, and techniques to radically improve soil, plants, and livestock.

When Chris travels to third-world countries, he provides in-depth training and access to his KNF curriculum. He equips the native people to farm their own land with resources they already have. Chris trains impoverished people farming techniques that will revive and renew their land so they can feed their families and provide an income that is perpetuated into future generations.

There is such a need for training in Korean Natural Farming, especially in third-world countries. Chris is currently training people in Myanmar how to make a no-smell piggery and farm with KNF.

If you would like to financially support the spread of Korean Natural Farming, all proceeds go directly to funding flights to go to these countries and KNF supplies. Chris wants to be transparent that all funds donated are not going to him for any personal gain. 

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