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What is Natural Farming?

Natural farming is a way to partner with nature to grow abundant food. It has been practiced for thousands of years. We see natural farming all around the world. In the past few generations, Japan has been the hub of natural farming. Master Cho (Cho Hankyu) studied enzymatic theory and natural farming in Japan and brought that information back to Korea.

Master Cho is the leader in Korean Natural Farming (KNF) and has been training others in Natural Farming techniques. Master Cho is passing down his knowledge and the baton onto the next generation, and he has been personally training Chris Trump. Master Cho told Chris that Korean Natural Farming is not finished and asked him to continue developing the method.

So what makes Korean Natural Farming unique? It combines rock-solid technique that makes dollars and cents with a philosophy of regenerative agriculture.


About Chris Trump

Get to know Chris Trump and how he will help you become an incredible gardener/farmer.



Check out the amazing products that will make your garden thrive and sweet gear to go with it.

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Learn how to make natural inputs that will increase your crop production while spending less. Win-win!


Create solutions with the inputs you have made to fix common crop problems and to jump start plant and livestock growth.


Create the ideal environment and diet for your livestock to thrive using Korean Natural Farming methods.

Oriental Herbal Nutrient

This is the medicine your plants and animals need to thrive. OHN is one of the most detail-oriented inputs that takes over three months to make. Chris Trump has made OHN available to purchase so you can easily start Korean Natural Farming today. Get your own OHN while supplies last.

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Korean Natural Farming 5-day Class

Come and take a Korean Natural Farming class from Chris Trump. Learn first-hand how to create inputs and solutions and the theory behind KNF.

Be prepared to get your hands dirty in this fully-engaged class.

You will even get the chance to collaborate and connect with other farmers, gardeners, and philanthropists to help you on this Korean Natural Farming journey.

Before Chris's course, I hadn't thought about the critical points in a plant's life when it is most helped by our attention. KNF's nutritive cycle theory helps us intervene only when necessary.

– Nathan R. the Director of Soil for  Rust Belt Riders Composting

Korean Natural Farming has opened my eyes to a new better way of tending to soil and plants. I am a better gardener because of Chris Trump.

– Amberlee R. backyard gardener

Giving Back

Chris Trump has a heart for taking Korean Natural Farming Techniques to third-world countries.

Would you like to participate in spreading the knowledge of KNF to feed the hungry and teach farming skills to impoverished people so they can have an income and fertile land?

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